Sports and fitness section (camp)

Sports and fitness section (camp)

Sports and Recreation Club (Camp)

During school holidays!

OLYMPIC SWC invites active girls and boys starting from the age of 6 to join the SPORTS AND RECREATION CLUB with elements of LEARNING to SWIM and PLAYING FOOTBALL at the Water Sports Palace.


- Daily classes in the swimming pool under the GUIDANCE of EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS-METHODOLOGISTS;

- active team games

- master classes

- educational games in NEMO children's room

- three meals

- oxygen cocktails

- entertaining outdoor games

- visit to the water park

- active games in the aerobics room and trampoline room.

In our club, everyone will find something interesting to do, and training sessions in the swimming pool will benefit the health and give an opportunity to acquire a vital skill.

Join our club and spend your holidays in a fun, mischievous company!




MBWpmdR 6Pk

Дворец водного спорта

ул. Сурганова, 2а
(ст. метро "Академия наук")

Телефон для записи и справок:

+375 (29) 194 89 15
+375 (29) 194 89 04
+375 (17) 290 48 26

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