Outdoor playgrounds

Football Pitch with Natural Turf

Football Pitch with Natural Turf The pitch is equipped with an automatic lawn watering system produced , which is widely used in modern world footbal...

Beach football

Beach Football The ground for playing beach football is located next to the car parking from the  Park Caliuskincau side. The capacity of the stands...

Beach volleyball

Beach Volleyball There are 3 beach volleyball courts in the territory of the Olympic SWC The court is equipped with stands and a referee desk The s...

Footbal Stadium with Artificial Turf

Footbal Stadium with Artificial Turf The capacity of the stadium is – 1500 seats, of which 100 seats are for press. The size of the field is 110*70 ...

Tennis courts

Tennis Courts In the territory of OLYMPIC Sports and Wellness Complex there are 3 open tennis courts. The courts are equipped with stands for 100 se...


Petanque Petanque is an exciting sports game that can be briefly described as “curling on the ground”. Instead of granite stones, petanque uses metal...


Streetball Streetball is a relatively young sport and its popularity is rapidly growing. This sport is for strong and confident people! In the terri...

Mini play-fields

Mini Fields There are two futsal fields coated with artificial turf in the territory The size of each field is 20*40 m The fields are illuminated a...

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Outdoor Playgrounds

At your disposal

- football stadium with artificial turf

- futsal fields

- football field with natural turf

- fields for beach football and volleyball

- tennis courts

- areas for playing streetball and pétanque