Water Sports Palace

Water Sports Palace Swimming Pools

"Malyutka" Training Swimming Pool The training swimming pool is designed to teach swimming, both children and adults. Length -20m, Width - 10m, Adjustable Depth from 0,8m. till 1.5m. Water temperature is constantly maintained at +30°- +32°C. To visit the pool, swimming caps are mandatory. Swimming pool  The 8 lanes swimming pool is one of the main facilities of the sports complex. Length


GymThe gym is located on the 2nd floor of the Water Sports Palace.It is equipped with exercise machines for all muscle groups and includes free weights zone, cardio zone, punching bag, and swimming pool overlooking treadmills.Professional trainers will help you choose an individual training activity        

Gym Helios

HELIOS GymHELIOS gym is located in the territory of the Water Sports Palace, in the city center, next to the ecologically clean green area of the Botanical Garden. In the gym, you can find conveniently located exercise machines for all muscle groups:- free weight zone- cardio zone- gym for stretching- punching bags Professional trainers, flexible pricing policy and pleasant bonuses will make your

Swimming training

Swimming lessons Enrollement of children from the age of 5 and adults into swimming training groups for 2019/2020 academic year: - FIRST YEAR  training (children 5-7 years old) - Swimming lessons for children from the age of 6 and older - Swimming lessons for adults - Improvement of swimming skills for adults - Independent lessons of parents with children Training lessons are conducted by

Hall shaping and aerobics

Body Shaping and Aerobics RoomIt is a large, bright and airy room, which is perfect for body shaping, aerobics and dancing. The area of the room is 280 sq.m., the height of the ceiling is 7 m.         

Trampoline hall

Trampoline Room The Water Sports Palace rents out a trampoline room equipped with three trampolines and a jump pit.

Therapeutic swimming

Therapeutic Swimming (Hydrokinesitherapy) WATER SPORTS PALACE invites children with violation of posture between the age of 7 and 16 for therapeutic swimming.  A medical certificate is required We offer: - Specialized treatment methodology;  - Classes under the supervision of an experienced instructor and health care professional; - Teaching a unique swimming technique; - Individual appro

Water aerobics

Water Aerobics Water Sports Palace is carrying out admission into water aerobics groups. Aerobics classes in water are aimed at weight loosing, muscle tone increasing, skin elasticity improvement, and skin lifting. Thanks to the imperceptible support of water, physical exercises do not cause a feeling of overwork and fatigue; you can really do more when doing aerobics in the swimming pool.  

Diving Training

Diving Lessons   WATER SPORTS PALACE INVITES children and adults into groups for simple diving jumps learning Diving is a very interesting sport that combines gymnastics, acrobatics, swimming and even trampolining. If you have always wanted to learn how to perform professional jumps from height into the water, do not put it off until later - join us now!