Water Sports Palace Swimming Pools

"Malyutka" Training Swimming Pool The training swimming pool is designed to teach swimming, both children and adults. Length -20m, Width - 10m, Adju...

"Olympus" Swimming pool

Olympus Swimming Pool  It consists of  5 lanes: length 25m, width 2.5m, deep part - 4m., 1m - shallow part The first lane is equipped with hydro-mas...

Swimming training

Swimming lessons Enrollement of children from the age of 5 and adults into swimming training groups for 2019/2020 academic year: - FIRST YEAR  tra...

Therapeutic swimming

Therapeutic Swimming (Hydrokinesitherapy) WATER SPORTS PALACE invites children with violation of posture between the age of 7 and 16 for therapeuti...

Water aerobics

Water Aerobics Water Sports Palace is carrying out admission into water aerobics groups. Aerobics classes in water are aimed at weight loosing, musc...

Diving Training

Diving Lessons   WATER SPORTS PALACE INVITES children and adults into groups for simple diving jumps learning Diving is a very interesting sport th...

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Swimming pools

The best swimming pools in Minsk with a convenient location where you can learn how to swim and dive into the water, or just come to relax or train undependently.


Water Sports Palace, 2A, Surganova  St. (Akademija Navuk metro station)

Three swimming pools: training, sports, and diving with springboards and diving towers.


Olympus SWC, 2A Yakuba Kolasa  St. (Plosca Jakuba Kolasa metro station)

Swimming pool. The first lane is equipped with water hydro-massage, waterfall.


Do not forget the swimming cap - it is mandatory to use it when you visit our water facilities.